new member/rhodophialia seed
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 06:54:48 PST
Hi PBS list:  I'm pretty much a garden variety gardener in Austin, Tx.
mostly interested in geophytes that adapt well to our growing conditions
and I have an amateur's interest in indigenous bulbs.  I have a patch of
rhodies that I started about 8 years ago and these guys seed
prolifically.  I think I got them from Old House Gardens, but am not
absolutely certain.

Blooming in my garden: wood hyacinth, muscari neglectum, a small native
allium, various types of narcissus triandrus, oxalis triangularis
regnelli and "Fanny".   We had a really hard freeze about three weeks
ago, which deep-sixed many of the more tender blossoms, for eg. the
tender crested iris and the neomarica gracilis.

I'm loving the discussion about Mediteranean

Theresa Massey
Austin TX
USDA Zone 8-B
20-110 F; approx. 30'' rainfall, usually floods following long drought.

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