Rhodophialas, again

Cynthia Mueller c-mueller@tamu.edu
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 05:02:26 PST
Re recent discussion on chromosome numbers of Rhodophiala: Traub (1958) said that Rhodies have 9 chromosomes; and Hipps (Amaryllis) 11, which explains why crosses between them have uniformly failed (? must mean 2n=18, 2n=22).  Rhodophiala was then linked with Zephyrantheae by a series of breeding trials (R.b. x Habranthus juncifolius and H. juncifolius x Z. grandiflora).

I have young pink flowered Rhodos from a previous IBS seed exchange in the garden near the typical sterile clones too, and expect that in a year or so all will be fertile together.

Cynthia Mueller
College Station, TX
Zone 8b-9

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