New member - Matthew Gale

Matthew Gale
Mon, 03 Mar 2003 10:27:44 PST
Mary Sue mentioned that new members usually introduce themselves to the
group, so here's my bio:

Although I was born in the UK, my family moved to Irvine in Southern
California when I was eleven - we returned to the UK after I finished high
school. I specialised in plant genetics at university, and have worked as a
Science Editor since graduating.

My interest in bulbs has developed during the past few years, but I'm still
a novice, really. Most of the species I grow are Amaryllids, particularly
species from North, Central and South America. I'm fascinated (obsessed?) by
Rhodophiala and I'm very interested in learning more about their culture and

I'm looking forward to reading and participating in the PBS forum.

Best wishes,
Birmingham, UK

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