Peter Oberwetter & etc,

Alberto Castillo
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 17:00:50 PST
Dear Lee, Cynthia and Judy:
                           Many thanks for the trouble you are taking in 
finding these most interesting threads. I happen to be the owner of a 
complete collection of Herbertia/Plant Life/Herbertia. It was accidentally 
spared when the Feb. 2001 hurricane pulverized half of my library. I do not 
remember any mention to this name though. The main difference between the 
"oxblood lily" and the several color forms of R. bifida here is the ability 
of the former to offset freely. It however never set seed and I remember the 
late Marcia Clint Wilson mentioned how difficult it was to her to obtain any 
seed from crossing many oxblood lily plants. So all the plants around the 
South seems to be the same clone.
All the best

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