Mystery Plant

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 17:52:22 PST
Dear All,

 From a number of seed exchanges (NARGS and SRG) I have received Romulea 
seed that turned out to be misnamed. Usually the seed turns out to be the 
same thing. It is a very small flowered Romulea, purple with a yellow 
center and it blooms in late winter-early spring when it is raining here 
and only opens on warm days so I don't see much of it. Routinely I toss it 
since it is very prolific. It blooms from seed in the second year and 
obviously sets seed easily because otherwise it wouldn't be donated so 
much. It is blooming now from seed identified as Romulea bulbocodium v. 
leichtliniana. I thought this plant was supposed to have larger flowers and 
be white with a yellow central zone. From my original NARGS seed sowing I 
ended up with 104 little corms the first year. I don't think I'll keep it, 
but I'd like to know what it really as I suspect a lot of other are growing 
it on by the wrong name so am putting it on the Mystery page.…

Robin or Alberto or anyone can you help me?

Mary Sue

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