Mystery bulbs

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 12:00:10 PST
Dear Alberto and Mark Mazer,

Alberto I am happy to have the ID for the Moraea (syn. Gynandriris) 
simulans and for the encouragement of using the keys in the new 
Encyclopedia. I tried it earlier with a couple of unidentified Freesia 
species and I agree it is very helpful. But the species you named isn't in 
my Encyclopedia so it must not be a Cape species. I found it in John 
Bryan's book listed for northern areas of South Africa and other countries 
in Southern Africa. There is even a picture although the picture looks pink 
and is not a close-up so it's a little hard to tell from it. Since it is 
from dry areas I'll be putting it to the test to see if it can survive our 
wet winters since I planted a couple in the octagon. I'll move it to the 
Moraea page of the wiki.

Mark, there are two of us who think your mystery plant is a Romulea. Can 
you tell us anything about the size?

Mary Sue

At 12:22 AM 3/12/03 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear all:
>         They can be
>Ferraria ferrariola
>Gynandriris simulans
>The keys at the end of the Encyclopedia are extremely useful and simplified.
>Buenos Aires, Argentina,
>South America, Earth
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