UCB Lachenalias etc.

Elizabeth Waterman lizwat@earthlink.net
Mon, 03 Mar 2003 12:01:52 PST
Dear Mary Sue and all,
Since the freeze of 1990 the South African Hill section has
been revamped twice that I can remember. This last time
almost everything was removed, lots of new rocks and fast
draining soil put in.  Some old plants were replanted, some
new ones added and many have disappeared.  There was a young
man in there Saturday weeding out a lot of unknown irid
appearing plants, bulbs and miscellany as well as trying to
find appropriate signs for what was there.  I seem to
remember a couple of Lachenalias blooming earlier.  Now in
bloom are Morea villosa, an uncommon Babiana (ringens?) as
well as misc. B. hybrids, Sparaxis elegans, and several
All too often the signs are too far away for me to read.
Some of Bob Orndorff's collection is being sold off on the
plant deck daily and I would guess more will be for sale at
the Spring sale. As of Saturday there were still a few Arum
seedlings, Melasphaerula ramosa, and a wonderful fragrant
little Narcissus  fernandesii.

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