Fw: [pbs] Crocus vitellinus images

Pacific Rim paige@hillkeep.ca
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 21:48:55 PST
Mark McDonough mentioned Crocus vitellinus. Both in the garden and in our
propagation beds, this wonder started blooming months ago. OK, January.
We're in southwestern British Columbia. But the thing is, it's still
blooming. Winding down, but still producing new flowers of full size and

This spring, our weather has seemed unusual to me, whipping back and forth
between zephyrs and harsh sleet.

Many crocuses survive these contradictions but vitellinus is one of two that
make me rub my eyes. The other is C. x jessopae. No sooner is one advance of
flowers flattened than another rises, souncy and vigorous.

Paige Woodward

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