Scilla natalensis (UCB)

Elizabeth Waterman
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 18:55:15 PST
The  Scilla natalensis at UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens are alive, well and just
starting to bloom.
It was an unusually mild winter with no frost at all at my house and the garden
is usually about the same.
There was a lot of rain.  The drainage at the South African section of the
garden has even better drainage since the renovation.  I'll send some pics to
the image group and maybe the wiki if I'm lucky.
Liz Waterman

diana chapman wrote:

> Dear All:
> There is (or used to be) a magnificent display of Scilla natalensis at the
> Berkeley Botanical Garden in California.  This garden is near the San
> Francisco bay, where winters are very mild, with only occasional frosts,
> although about once every ten years there can be a significant freeze - bad
> enough to kill citrus trees.  These bulbs seems to bloom very reliably in
> spite of very mild winter temperatures.  Rainfall is about 20-25" (50-60cm)
> each winter, and falls from October until about March.  Summers are totally
> dry.  I am not sure if the bulbs are still there, since there was a total
> renovation of this part of the garden about three years ago.  They grew on a
> west-facing, moderately steep hill, fully exposed to the sun.
> Diana
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