Muscari and Gladioli

Sally bourrie
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 12:19:51 PST
Hello --

I'm a new member and bulb neophyte (but "bulbophile" nonetheless) who's
really been enjoying following all the discussions of this group.  As a
freelance writer, I'm doing some stories on bulbs and I was wondering if you
might give me some guidance.

I'm writing two stories for The Oregonian based in Portland, Oregon, and I'm
wondering if anyone has any suggestions re: non-invasive muscari.  I've read
Jane McGary's comments and she's sure right, muscari are basically thugs
here.  I've been introduced to a variety of Muscari macrocarpum that I
understand is not invasive.  Are there others that would be happy in our wet
winters and dry summers?

Also, I'm doing a story on gladioli, the wilder ones -- species glads?  What
I'm interested in learning about are the glads that are more delicate than
the hybrids most people are accustomed to.

I very much appreciate your help.

Sally Bourrie
Portland, Oregon

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