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Fri, 07 Mar 2003 08:20:25 PST
Dear Alberto:

I don't know of the Oxalis you mention, but I will look into it.  I will be
going to the San Francisco Bay Area this week, and now I'm tempted to go to
the Dry Garden.

I was away for several days, and came back to hear of Michael Vassar's
death, although I knew that death was near.  The loss to the horticultural
world is significant, but also we have lost a wonderful generous person. 
Michael was kindness itself, and his death at such an early age seems a
cruel twist.  The large majority of my collection of Oxalis originated with
Michael, who made several trips to South Africa to collect them.  He was
passionate about them, and through his efforts they are becoming a little
better known.  My own life was changed by Michael and the wonderful Oxalis
I received from him.  Some are blooming still, although almost at their end
for the season.  I can never look at their beauty without thinking of him,
and his spirit will always be with me through the beauty of the plants that
came from him.  I can think of no more fitting memorial to a wonderful
person than the exuberant joy of a pot of oxalis in bloom.


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> Dear Mary Sue, Robin, Diana, Rachel et al:
>                                           We know there are two dark
> Oxalises, O. purpurea 'Garnet' and a form of O. triangularis. I got once
> third one in a nursery in Oakland (The Dry Garden) that has never
> so far. It resembles triangularis somehow but is much smaller and has no 
> lighter centers. Superbly rich shade.
> Any hints?
> Regards
> Alberto
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