Some comments on Rhodophiala

Sun, 30 Mar 2003 22:10:09 PST
Hi Mary  Sue   and all,

> I started some Rhodophiala from seed from NARGS a year ago and I take it I
> should be letting R. advena go dormant this summer.

I am also a  beginner at  Rhodophiala getting  my  first  seed from the  IBS
exchange thanks  to  Den  Wilson.  Advena, araucana and  chilense were sown
in  October 2001 (mid  spring) and   germinated in early  summer and  have
remained evergreen since  then , with some  extra  germination in chilense
during its  second  summer. I  think I  have  heard  others talk about the
confusion of   advena  regarding its  correct growing season.

I  intend  to  give araucana  and  chilense a  dry  winter  this  year  but
am  not  sure  what  to  do  with  advena.  Any  suggestions ?

By  contrast and  this time  thanks  to  Alberto  R  bifida and
granatiflora  sown in  winter 2002  have just  completed a  summer domancy
and  appear  to be  shooting again.


Rob  in Tasmania

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