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Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 05 Mar 2003 08:47:59 PST
Dear All,

Someone just wrote asking if there was something wrong because there were 
so few Allium pictures on the Allium page. Because Allium is such a large 
genus and because over time there could be a lot of Allium pictures added 
to the genus, Mark has created additional Allium pages which he has linked 
to the main Allium page. He has added pictures to those other pages.

I created a couple of Romulea pages (SouthAfricanRomuleas for example) to 
link to the Romulea page as well.

On our PBS Wiki if you see brown text for any word or phrase that signifies 
that word or phrase is a wiki page. If you click on it you will get the 
page. For example on the Allium page, Mark has created these pages to link 
to the main page: Allium flavum & kin, Allium hybrids, American onions, 
Blue Alliums, Big Ball Alliums, and Allium Links. McDonough is also brown 
and that is because there is a page with a little information about him. He 
has been adding pictures to those pages as he has time and will continue to 
do so during the week so a later check may reveal more.

I am sure many of you have figured this out already, but for the sake of 
those who have not and may be missing out I am providing this information.

Mary Sue

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