Allium TOW

Alberto Castillo
Tue, 04 Mar 2003 17:28:06 PST
Dear Mary Sue:
              Years ago I was fortunate to have advice from the Allium King 
himself and generous as he is, samples of many choice forms. Unfortunately, 
this climate is too mild for most of them. When in California I had the 
chance to see several of them in the wild and this helped understand why 
they were not easy here. Western alliums are gems but tricky here. In Texas 
and neighboring states there are a number of species that are easier in 
warmer climates, interesting rather than stunning. Among them a cold 
requiring species is superb, the golden yellow A. coryi. All those Alliums 
from Mediterranean climate Central Asia demand cold.
              Those that tolerate our warmth include triquetrum, 
schoenoprasum, neapolitanum, senescens, sphaerocephalon (this very heat 
tolerant), tuberosum.


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