Deep pots

diana chapman
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 18:09:04 PST
Dear All,

This is the message Diana tried to send. I'll try to figure out what has 
happened, but she thinks she may have a virus and it and the message may 
have been stripped by the settings I have for our list.

Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator

Hi Paul:

Sorry about that!  I used to have the dimensions in my head, but I'm not 
sure where my head is these days  -  I think it's around here somewhere.

One gallon  =  6" (15cm) wide x 7" (17cm) deep
Two gallon  =  8" (20cm) wide x 9" (22cm) deep
Five gallon  =  10" (25cm) wide x 12" (30cm) deep

These are all approximate measurements (taken just now outside in the 
pouring rain with a tiny sewing tape measure, just to show you how 
dedicated I am!)   :-)))


--- diana chapman
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