TOW Favorite Sources
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 09:51:00 PST
Hi All,

Diana mentioned M&C Willetts - their web address is  
I haven't yet ordered from them myself, but their web page is very enticing!

I'd like to add Jim Duggan to the list of good suppliers (  
He's got an excellent array of South African bulbs.  I've always been very 
happy with the quality and size of the bulbs I've ordered from him.  His 
website is an excellent resource, as he has links to photos of everything that 
he's offering.  In the offseason, he posts photos of "what's blooming now".  
He's also very quick to answer questions regarding your order.

Like everyone else, I also really like Diana Chapman's Telos Bulbs.  Quality, 
service, all is great.  I agree with Mary Sue - the free mystery bulb if you 
can find a typo is a great idea.  And the catalog is so well edited that it's 
not all that easy to find a typo!

I just got a Lycoris sprengeri from Kelly Irvin, and can definitely recommend 
his  Great quality, great communication. 

It's so nice to do business with people that you "know" through PBS.  I'm 
looking forward to seeing Jane's list, if she posts one as Mary Sue thought she 
might - despite her own warning about narcissus fly!

I think that various universities' botanic gardens are also a great source.  I 
got some wonderful quality plants from the UCI bulb sale last weekend (thanks 
in large part to Doug Westfall, who selected some of the best for me!).  I'll 
be going to UCR's plant sale the first weekend in April, and I've been to the 
past 3 or 4.  I don't believe I've received any mislabeled plants from them in 
the past, and I really enjoy having so many experts gathered together as 
volunteers to share the experiences and give recommendations.

The SX/BX is also wonderful; thanks to all who donate.  It's kind of like 
having a chance to order from the best of all of these various sources that 
we've mentioned, all in one easy location and for one great price!

Riverside, CA

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