More Halda Junos

Jane McGary
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 16:59:08 PST
The identity of the "georgeous Juno" I described in an earlier posting is
getting more puzzling. An adjacent pot of another Halda collection from the
same year, JJH 970856 listed as being from Uzbekistan and having "deep
yellow" flowers, has now opened flowers on two plants, and these appear
identical to the previously described JJH 970737 from Dagestan -- that is,
blue standards and white falls veined and spotted violet and gold -- except
that their standards (the tiny tonguelike structures that actually lie
below the falls) are more violet than white. I wonder if the Juno seeds got
mixed up that year? The seed list also contains "Juno aff. narbuti JJH
970815" from the Central Pamirs in Tajikistan (though described as with
yellow flowers), and the three are numbers 100, 101, and 102 in the
catalog. As mentioned, my plants resemble I. narbuti except in certain
minor structural features.

I suppose it's also possible that Josef guessed the flower color from
withered blooms, or that there were more than one species on the site. He
does list 970737 as "china-blue and yellow," which is more like both the
ones I have. Perhaps I can find some others who are flowering plants with
these various numbers.

Anyway, I now seem to have 7 or 8 plants of a truly beautiful and striking
tricolored iris (or Juno, if you follow the Russian system), and if they
are indeed I. narbuti, that is a pretty good haul for $8 worth of seed and
5 years of waiting.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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