Fritillaria imperialis

Jane McGary
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 08:55:01 PST
The subject of Fritillaria imperialis, the Crown Imperial, came up in
recent correspondence with Jim Waddick, and reminded me that I wanted to
inquire whether anyone gets viable seed from their plants of that species.
I have given up on trying to grow purchased bulbs of it, which always
decline rapidly once planted here, and want to try raising my own from
seed. So far I have only one plant, raised from exchange seed of the
variety 'Lutea'. It is healthy but has not yet flowered (probably next year).

I would very much like to acquire seed of a variety of forms and would be
happy to exchange seed of other species or genera that I grow here or can
get in the wild. Please contact me privately if interested.

Jane McGary
Northwest Oregon

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