Favorite Seed & Bulb Sources

Ron & Marina Moodycliffe lilium@alphalink.com.au
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 21:59:20 PST
G Day Mary Sue      New Zealand has a ferocious aggy Quarantine 
inspection dept that siezed hundreds of packets of Lilium Seed from a 
noted American Speaker to their Lilium Conference and would not give 
them back even on leaving the country ., yet we in Australia can get 
seed out without any difficulty . Australia , on the other hand , 
inspects & checks incoming seed and provided that it is not banned (some 
vegies & weeds )they come through ,no trouble . Only requirements that I 
know of is that each packet is named ,Not just numbered ,& there aren't 
hundreds of packets ,They will charge by the hour or part of .We get our 
seed of Liliums etc from NALS & RHS and Primulas from NAPS & APS ,the 
primulas that arrived on the 3rd 03 03 are germinating now 10 /03/03 . 
We do not grow much South African stuff ,like Aust ,hard plants for a 
hard country . We prefer the challenge of  Northern Hemisphere Liliums, 
Trilliums, Erythroniums,Frits,Calochortus,Hostas ,PleoniesETCin a 2.5 
acre garden on the outskirts of Melbourne Kind Regards Ron & Marina 

Mary Sue Ittner wrote:

> Dear Australian subscribers,
> We have quite a number of people on this list from Australia. What are 
> your favorite sources for seed and bulbs? I know that you have trouble 
> importing a lot of things so I assume that many of you use sources in 
> Australia.
> Mary Sue
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