Narcissus calcicola

Sun, 30 Mar 2003 11:00:34 PST
Everyone once and a while a milestone is reached in the life of a 
gardener.    I purchased seed of this Narcissus from Chiltern's seeds in 
1998 and it flowered today for the first time.  I was grown completely 
under HID lights.  Note that its flowering time is identical to when 
mine has flowered although I have not adjusted the light level or length 
of day  to coincide with its normal out door cycle.

The bulb is native to Central Portugal and as the name implies it grows 
in calcareous soil, due to the presence of limestone but Henning 
Christiansen has shown  the pockets of soil it grows in have been found 
to be very acid around  pH 5.9…

New Jersey
cold  wet with snow on the way.

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