Allium schubertii

Birute Earl
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 04:22:12 PST
Hello, All

I've been "lurking" for a couple of weeks; totally fascinated by the
conversations on this list.  Thus far my experiences with bulbs are very
limited.   Finally,  something I can add... I grow Allium schubertii in my
USDA Zone 5a garden in several places where it thrives beautifully.  It's
planted out in my woodland garden where it gets no special protection during
winter months.   It has survived temps to -20 below zero (F) both with and
without snow cover.

Betty Earl
Naperville, IL (The Midwest)
United States

Where it is 8 degrees (F) with minimal snow cover.
> <SNIP>
> I'd like to hear from people who grow this plant, particularly in colder
> climates.  It's known to be somewhat tender, and certainly that has proved
> true in my northern Massachusetts climate.  I have to be satisfied with A.
> cristophii (note correct spelling, without the "h") to enjoy giant spidery
> balls of bloom.  Do others find this species (schubertii) tender?
> Mark McDonough        Pepperell, Massachusetts, United States
>    "New England"               USDA Zone 5

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