Allium TOW

Alberto Castillo
Wed, 05 Mar 2003 05:15:32 PST
Dear all:
         Arnold, the one and only unrivalled Allium King (also known as the 
Onion man) is our Mark McDonough. He can answer virtually any Allium query 
and has instated in many of us a permanent interest in these neglected 
bulbs. He deserves more to be famous than Saviola!
         Lauw, thanks for the typification: it is like you say. What I fail 
to add was "they demand this climate"
         I have found other Alliums that stand heat: Allium subhirsutum and 
Allium roseum. This latter was imported years ago from a known bulb retailer 
in San Francisco and carried some pretty markings along that made me remake 
a whole bed.


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