Favorite Seed & Bulb Sources

Daryl Geoghegan plants_man@bigpond.com
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 09:51:33 PST
Hi Mary Sue,

just catching up on emails now.

My favourite commercial seed sources are Silverhill Seeds, Croft Wild Bulbs
Nursery, both in South Africa.

My favourite Australian supplier is Bruce Night, 'The Botanist' in
Greenpoint, NSW. Bruce's collection and knowledge is excellent.

Other favourite suppliers are Collectors and enthusiasts who are willing to
share/trade. Countries included are USA, Italy, South America, South Africa,
Japan, Europe and China. It proves to me that all bulb growers all over the
world are as keen as I am and this is great.

I have used many commercial seed supplier over the years and found them to
be pretty good.  Chiltern seeds, The Archibald's, B &T World Seeds are a few
that come to mind.
When I walk around the garden checking tags for suppliers it amazes me how
many there really are. All these folks have gone to help build my collection
in one way or another. For this I am very grateful.

Best wishes,


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> Dear Australian subscribers,
> We have quite a number of people on this list from Australia. What are
> favorite sources for seed and bulbs? I know that you have trouble
> a lot of things so I assume that many of you use sources in Australia.
> Mary Sue
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