Tritonia survives z5 winter

John Ingram
Sat, 03 May 2003 07:23:30 PDT
I was digging yesterday to plant something here in
Ohio (I go home to rainy LA on Monday) in the area
where the Tritonia were last year. I thought they
would be dead from the winter and I had a clear area
to work with. Well, was I wrong. The whole lot was
down there (6-8" deep in heavy clay) all sprouting
there little heads off. 
They were some hybrid selections from Brent and
Becky's. I know I have Bridal Veil and two others. I
was digging in the Bridal Veil area so that is the
only one I am sure of but the others are in the same
soil type and are only a few feet away only the front
of the bed. 
This makes me very happy since we really had a bad
winter here. We shall see next year. This is the
second winter they have survived in this location.

John Ingram…

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