Hyacinthoides - TOW

Jamie jamievande@freenet.de
Tue, 20 May 2003 02:28:44 PDT
Jamie Vande    Cologne     Germany    Zone 8

Jane mentioned the possibility of a hybrid between H. campanulatus (syn. hispanica) and H. non-scripta, which may well be what I have in the garden.  The plants closely resemble the former, with the flowers surrounding the erect spike, unlike H. non-scripta, which bears it's blossoms on one side and tends to have a hanging curve in the top of the spike.  Add to this that the plants were here when I took over the garden and set only the occaisional pod (high sterility?), increasing via bulb mutiplication, a hybrid seems most likely.  Perhaps this is the answer for those who wish to enjoy this lovely bulb without the rampant seeding about.  Does this hybrid have a designation?

Mentioning Muscari, I have a special spot for M. latifolia (again, I love blues), which does seed about and quickly, but dies back by the end of May to be replaced by Heuchera foliage, Waldmeister (Galium odoratum, I do not know an English name) and Hemerocallis.  It seems to do extremely well in various depths of shade to almost full sun.  Interestingly, it hasn't spread to truly sunny areas, only a meter away.  Perhaps it requires a more constant moisture level?

Cardiocrinums as VULGAH!  I like that!  Must get a few A.S.A.P. and impress my neighbours!

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