Nerines (and Haemanthus) - seed sowing

Kevin D. Preuss
Fri, 09 May 2003 21:44:25 PDT
Red berries are often eaten and seed gets an acid washing, so to speak in
the belly of the bird and then is dispersed clean of the seed coat and
fleshy outer layer.  A botany professor used to suggest this is what
dinosaurs did with cycads as well.
Sounds good anyway...
Kevin Preuss

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> >I recommend "washing" them for about 20 min. in a mild solution of
> >after they have been "peeled."
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> Doug,
> Thanks for the info.  What exactly is Chlorox and what does it do?  Does
> that mean that there ARE germination inhibitors on the seed when it is
> removed from the berry?
> The seeds are a dark colour, almost black when removed so I assume that
> they are ripe.  I was expecting pale seeds for some reason.
> Thanks to you and anyone else who can offer advice on harvesting these
> Haemanthus seed as I'd love to do as well as possible with them as I can.
> Cheers.
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