Iris sari & "oncos"
Sun, 11 May 2003 20:10:12 PDT
"Russell Stafford, Odyssey Bulbs" <> writes:

>How long have you been growing I. sari 
>in your sand bed, Mark?  Do you 
>protect it from moisture at any time?

I think that Jim Waddick answered the question well, and I share his 
findings... at least in the single year that I've grown I. sari. I received a 
couple "starts" late last summer, and the little hard fans of foliage are 
evergreen throughout the winter.  The plants are unprotected from the 
elements, other than being situated in a raised sand bed with excellent 
drainage.  Unlike the last 8-9 mild winters (relatively speaking) this past 
winter was a hard and tough one, and in spring it seemed that winter refused 
to go away.  Being warned of the need to protect the plants from excess 
moisture, I was worried... but they seemed to do just fine nonetheless.

For those who wish to see more fantastic Oncocyclus Iris, visit John 
Lonsdale's EdgewoodGardens website at: <A HREF=""></A>
John grows these Iris outdoors like weeds, along with a dazzling array of 
Junos.  From his photo gallery, I see two color forms of I. sari, the second 
color form being a darker purple and yellow form.  It's amazing to see a 
garden where spontaneous Juno Irises come up like cress. John... care to add 
anything on how you grow your "oncos"?

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