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Thu, 15 May 2003 15:48:00 PDT
You don't say where on the Oregon coast you are, but if you e-mail me
privately, I could perhaps give you a lead of someone that I know grows some
on the coast.

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If anyone is getting rid of any Watsonia bulbs, I am in the market for some.
They seem to be common in some areas but not around here.on the Oregon
I have asked at all the local nurseries  and they do not have any or
intend to get any.
One of them told me someone brought them in some a year or so ago and
they had a hard time giving them away.
I missed out by being there at the wrong time.
I would be pleased to pay anyone for their trouble.
They grow here because I ran into someone at a garage sale who had some
good looking plants
in their front yard, but they would not part with any.
Sam Franc

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