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diana chapman
Thu, 22 May 2003 06:40:14 PDT
Hi Claude:

You're not doing anything wrong.  I haven't even got the catalogue in the
mail yet.  Telos is a one-person endeavor now, since Dave and I split up
last year.  It is very difficult to do everything yourself, and I've been
away the past two months, as well as sick the past one week.  I don't think
I can do a web site myself anyway, but I will try to find someone to do it
for me at an affordable rate.  I am fairly useless with the computer (that
was Dave's part) and I just don't have time to learn it, since all my time
is already taken up.


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> I attempted to visit Telos Rare Bulbs web site
> as per the ad in the Bulb Garden issue I
> recently received.
> Is the site a work in progress or am I doing something work?
> Claude Sweet
> San Diego, CA
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