Iris sari/ dividing the genus

James Waddick
Sun, 11 May 2003 09:23:40 PDT
Dear Mark and all;
	I agree with Mark that the the genus Iris should be separated 
on the wiki especially regarding emphasis on the more geophytic 
groups. I'd exclude the water and other 'wet' species such as I 
pseudacorus and others - see below.

	I think our special interest might be in the bulbous sub genera:
	English/Dutch etc.
	and Oncocylus and other arillate relatives.
	and a few odds and ends that deserve to grown "like a bulbous 
iris" (Iris timofejewii come to mind).

	I'd exclude a wide range of more common garden irises too 
such as siberians, Pacific coast natives, water iris, crested iris 
and Louisianas  for instance. Probably some others.

	Regarding Iris sari ; I've grown this for a few years and 
amazed by the size of the plant and the relatively large flowers. It 
may be one of the easier pure Oncocylcus species to grow. My plant 
started with two small fans and multiplied to over 20 in a a short 
time. I grow it o a very well drained raise bed subject to all our 
climate can give it. It is not dug in summer or protected from summer 
occasional rains, nor protected from winter cold, ice snow.

	It requires full sun and very good drainage. And it is pretty awesome.

		Best	Jim W.
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