Another Mystery Bulb

Mon, 19 May 2003 09:54:12 PDT
Jim, Paul,

at first I thought you were both nuts, I tectorum!  Oops, wrong picture!
Not even from the wiki.  I still haven't learned to deal with downloading
from multiple sites.  However, seeing the correct picture, this is a much
deeper blue than the tectorum I once tried to grow (not at all hardy in
Cologne.)  Also, the crest is pretty discrete.  I may well have had a
hybrid, it was a garden centre plant, not from a specialist.

As to the name roof iris, I once read and have since heard, the Japanese
planted this iris (the Chinese may well have started it), as well as I.
japonica around forts and on rooves to prevent a good grip with your boots!
The slippery leaves were seen as a defense against attack from marauding
Samauri, etc!  That said, I can't see it surviving Tokyo winters!  Maybe it
was a southern thing?

Jamie V.

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> >A new picture of an Iris seen in last week in bloom by Jana Ulmer
> >needs identification. It is gorgeous:
> >…
> >
> >Mary Sue
> Dear Jana/Mary Sue and all;
> So common in China that it's common name is simply  "Iris".
> This is a typical Iris tectorum. Although commonly known in the US as
> Japanese Roof Iris, it is neither native to Japan or typically found
> on roofs.
> It is a crested Iris (Lophiris) easy from seed and also
> available in a lovely white form. Widely adaptable and may grow in
> shade and sun in a variety of climates. In bloom ere now, too.
> Best Jim W.
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