Lapeirousia in Australia

don journet
Wed, 07 May 2003 07:20:33 PDT
Australian bulbophiles,
                                   When I ordered Lachenalia seed from
South Africa I included 6 packets of Lapeirousia seed. This seed was
seized by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service and seven
pages of question forms sent to be filled in in order for AQIS to make a
Risk Assessment.
     I wish to complete these forms to the best of my ability in order
that a fair assessment may be made of this genera and in particular the
species I ordered. The final outcome will affect future attempts to
import seed of these plants as well as whether my seed in forwarded or
     I should be most grateful to anyone who has relevant information
about the growth habit of these plants in Australia and also information
regarding how many people are already growing these species in this
     The species in question are
            Lapeirousia corymbosa
            Lapeirousia fabricii
            Lapeirousia jacquinii
            Lapeirousia oreogena
            Lapeirousia pyramidalis ssp. pyramidalis
            Lapeirousia silenoides

     Thank you for any help that you can give.

Don Journet

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