Michael Vassar

Nolo Contendre miaam@ars-grin.gov
Mon, 26 May 2003 10:24:07 PDT
I received the following message from Donna Vassar, Muchael's sister,
through the IBS web site.  If any of you can respond to Donna, I am sure
that it will be appreciated.  Her email address is: dorava@cablerocket.com

Alan Meerow

Hi, My name is Donna Vassar, Michael is/was my brother.  In many ways I
still can't accept that he is gone.  I was searching various horticultural
sites this evening and came upon IBS.  I know how much your group meant to
him over many years, and I thank you for the wonderful comments about his
life, his influence on others, his contributions, and his beautiful
photographs on your site.  I just knew his photos had to be somewhere!  His
passion for plants, and especially certain species, always gave me such a
thrill.  I never failed to learn in his presence.  It is great to know that
passion was transferred to others.  If any of you have copies of of his
writings, articles, or publications, I would appreciate being able to get
copies.  I'd enjoy hearing from anyone who knew Michael or had the
opportunity to experience his knowledge of bulb species... or anything...
Thanks,  Donna Vassar

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