dividing Iris bucharica

Judy Glattstein jglatt@ptd.net
Tue, 13 May 2003 08:49:46 PDT
I don't remember when or where or how many I bought, but for sure they have
been in the garden for several years. They have just finished flowering this
spring, as a congested clump of soft yellow and white flowers. I am
concerned that they are overcrowded. So my question - when do I dig and
divide? Should it be right now while the foliage still looks good and they
are easy to find. Or should I wait until the foliage begins to yellow off,
indicating almost dormant. Waiting until they are invisibly underground
makes such activities fraught with danger - sliced bulbs. Or am I better off
leaving well enough alone and not disturbing them at all.

Thanks for the good advice
from Judy in New Jersey where all the world is green

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