Iris tectorum

Paul Tyerman
Mon, 19 May 2003 07:51:14 PDT
At 09:21  19/05/03 -0500, you wrote:
>>A new picture of an Iris seen in last week in bloom by Jana Ulmer 
>>needs identification. It is gorgeous:
>	So common in China that it's common name is simply  "Iris". 
>This is a typical Iris tectorum. Although commonly known in the US as 
>Japanese Roof Iris, it is neither native to Japan or typically found 
>on roofs.

Mary Sue, Jim et al,

What a glorious shot of the Iris tectorum.  Captures it beautifully.  For
some reason I have never been able to get a GOOD picture of mine here when
in flower, but that one has nailed it perfectly.

>	It is a crested Iris (Lophiris) easy from seed and also 
>available in a lovely white form. Widely adaptable and may grow in 
>shade and sun in a variety of climates. In bloom ere now, too.

There are actually a couple of other varieties of it too from memory.
There is a 'Burma Form' that has flowered for me once a few years back on a
year that the straight species decided not to... so I couldn't compare the
two of them to find out the differences ...... and I have heard of both
darker and lighter forms of the blue.  I just have the species, 'Burma
Form' (as I said, never confirmed as different and therefore don't know
whether correctly labelled or not) and the 'Alba' and thoroughly enjoy
them.  Extremely hardy and will grow and flower from virtually full sun to
full shade and from damp to dry conditions.


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