The Getty on the wiki
Thu, 08 May 2003 12:05:52 PDT
Hi all,

On a beautiful spring day (April 16, 2003) there were a number of geophytes in 
bloom at the Getty Center. I thought you all might enjoy seeing how geophytes - 
including some South African and Mediterranean bulbs - are used in public 
displays here in So Cal, so I posted several to a page that I created 
under "Miscellaneous".  These pix can also serve as "mystery bulb" photos, 
because while I knew enough to know they were bulbs, I don't know their proper 

Here's the address:…

I also included a few pictures of companion plants, an overview of the garden, 
and some photos of the architecture.  Mary Sue & Mark, if I've gone too far 
afield, please do feel free to remove the pix, and I'm sorry to have given you 
extra work!


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