Nerine -TOW

Angelo Porcelli
Thu, 01 May 2003 00:36:44 PDT
Hi All,

I grow the N.bowdenii ( a common clone ) in the ground from many years and it increases quickly, but flowering isn't very reliable, in the sense that many more stalks could rise from that mass of bulbs. Probably it needs to be split more often. Surely better is N.undulata, which flowers profusely and often sets seeds itself. Both don't get much care, but just a watering from time to time in summer and a good fertilizer (low in nitrogen) in autumn. From one year I am growing N.'Afterglow', N. s.corusca, N.'King of Belgians', got from Lauw. All have flowered well and now are going to rest (it's 30°C today here).

Angelo Porcelli

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