What gets you to a certain nursery?

John Bryan johnbryan@worldnet.att.net
Tue, 20 May 2003 10:02:24 PDT
Dear John:
Staff with a good knowledge, unusual but worthy plants, discount for
professionals, delivery service, being able to obtain larger sizes if
needed, all plants top quality and kept that way in the nursery.
Selection of books and good range of organic fertilizers and
environmentally friendly pest and disease control products. Cheers John
E. Bryan, F. I. Hort

John Ingram wrote:
> I am thinking about opening a retail location and I
> would like to pick everyones brain.
> Why do you go to certain reatilaers to do your "daily"
> purchasing? What extra touches do they give you?
> I am looking for input on locations as well. I am very
> open to possibilities but there have been many
> suggestions/disagreesments. Some suggestions are -
> Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Culver City, Venice (Abbot
> Kinney), and Pacific Palisades.
> My aim is to open a retail store with a garden/nursery
> area, and florist with gourmet/gift items.
> I know a lot of the Westside is saturated. I want a
> young, rich area with clients who would be more apt to
> buy things for art rather than the quick fix/instant
> gratification color sale. I am very traditional in
> design but forward thinking too and I want to push the
> limit of possibilities with the art in the garden as I
> have shown in my articles in "The Bulb Garden".
> So, what does everyone think? I welcome everyones
> feedback. You can email me privately if you wish.
> Thanks.
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