Iris miscellany - suitable sites for Chinensis section irises

John Lonsdale
Wed, 21 May 2003 07:01:43 PDT
> Before we abandon this fascinating discussion as off-topic, can you tell
me what constitutes a "suitable site" for these two irises?

Jim and Mary Sue,

It would be a stretch to call this group of irises geophytes  - they are,
err, kind of, herbaceous perennials that go back to a dormant crown in
winter.  They are infinitely superior herbaceous perennials though, and your
comment about companion plants to geophytes gets them well and truly back
on-topic.  I have them growing next to Sanguinaria, Sternbergia sicula,
Dicentra cuccularia and canadensis, Adonis amurensis, Galanthus reginae
olgae and peshmennii, some Scilla species and Narcissus cyclamineus - all of
which are bona fide geophytes.  These latter plants also give the key to
their preference for growing site - fairly rich and moist but very well
drained sites with a reasonably sunny exposure for a good part of the day.
Edge of woodland is ideal.  They look lovely also with I. gracilipes forms -
but then we are back to herbaceous perennials so time to check out......


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