Iris miscellany
Tue, 20 May 2003 19:34:27 PDT
To Jim and PBS'rs,

Thanks Jim for putting my miscellany in some context... I particularly like 
the chart breakdown to the specific photos I posted; I'm going to save that 
for future reference until I get to know the genus Iris better.

>The section Limniris also include a wide 
>range of 'beardless' irises including 16 distinct 
>series. One of these is the series 
>Chinenses which had been poorly represented
>in cultivation until the past few years. The most
>common species is the very small, 
>I. minutoaurea, but it is now possible to 
>purchase I. koreana, I. odaesanensis, I rossii 
>and others. Also in cultivation but not yet 
>commercial is the smaller still I henryi and 
>the larger I. speculatrix. 

I was told quite succinctly by at least two people, that Iris rossii is not 
in cultivation in the US and that it's very difficult to grow.  Is there 
really a commercial source of Iris rossii here in the US?  Please tell me 
there is.  The fine photo of I. rossii in your book Iris of China by James 
Waddick and Zhao Yu-tang (which I should've mentioned in my previous message, 
a "must have" for anyone interested in Iris), reveals that it's a highly 
desirable species.

This past weekend I photographed several plants of Iris henryii, a really 
choice little species with very narrow grassy leaves and light blue flowers.  
The photo I took turned out rather color-faded, but at least it gives some 
sense of this fine Iris.  Here's the link to the PBS wiki photo  (I haven't 
added the link on the wiki page yet, it's only available from this email... 
will catch up and add it later).…

I also recently acquired a small division of Iris minutoaurea, which I'm 
excited to add to my small growing collection of Iris.

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