pancratium dormancy questions

Alan Meerow
Fri, 09 May 2003 12:32:12 PDT

Everything you listed except zeylanicum are Mediterranean cycle bulbs.

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Subject: [pbs] pancratium dormancy questions

> I have questions regarding dornacy of Pancratium bulbs.
> I am growing the following species:
> P. canariensis, P. foetidum, P. illyricium, P. maritimum, P. parviflorum,
P. sp. from Jordan, P. zeylanicum #1 & zeylanicum #2 (different species) and
would appreciate any advice in growing these.
> Right now P. foetidum and P. illyricium seem like they want to go dormant
in the summer heat  and humidity.  P. canariensis and P. martimum seem
unsure,  Both P. zeylanicum acc.'s, although not the same species even
though labled such...,are in full growth and one will bloom soon.  Do some
of these (which ones?) typically grow on a mediterranean cycle?  Are any
truely evergreen?
> Thanks for any input!
> Kevin Preuss
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