Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 13 May 2003 08:15:33 PDT
Dear Martin and Jane too,

Martin's introduction covered all the bases I think. I found Muscaris when 
I lived in California's central valley returning every year, but not being 
invasive really. They dwindle in the ground here on the north Coast 
however. I don't know if it isn't hot enough in summer or maybe too wet in 
winter. Jane, which ones can you grow outside and which do you feel need 
the shelter of the frames?

Just now blooming from Jane's surplus bulbs is Muscari pallens. It didn't 
even come up until April and I was sure it was a goner. It is a sweet 
little thing. How long do I need to keep it growing and does it need summer 

As for the weedy Muscari neglectum, Mike Mace donated some to the IBS BX a 
number of years ago. I can see why as there are always a lot of offsets. I 
usually repot mine and throw out the babies. This year mine bloomed in 
waves. First it started blooming in November and continued into December. I 
thought that was it and cut off the drying flowers. Then in February it 
started all over again and had blooms into April. It is finally finished (I 
think.) Not bad for a weed and very welcome to have blooms in winter.

Mary Sue

At 06:40 AM 5/12/03 -0700, you wrote:
>Thanks for the wonderful Muscari info.  I grow three
>which I really like  Muscarimi, macrocarpum and
>pallens.  The macrocarpum has been dwindling recently
>in my New Jersey garden. I have it planted in garden
>soil augmented with grit.  It did well for three years
>but this year has not put on its usual show.  This
>year we had a particularly cold winter.  Any
>New Jersey
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