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Alberto Castillo
Mon, 12 May 2003 19:35:02 PDT
Dear Jennifer:
                   Many thanks for being bold and contributing pictures to 
the pests from which we all can learn a lot. The Phaedranassa is virused. 
Virus in Phaedranassa, Eucrosia, Eucharis, Stenomesson, Griffinia and 
Eustephia shows as longitudinal ridges (those leaves are perfectly flat if 
healthy), besides the mosaic stripes. For this ( to show the ridges) an 
oblique picture (one taken at an a low angle) is better than one taken 
                   As for the Gladiolus the stripes look like thrips attack. 
Thrips are very dangerous and look like very minute black flies. Their 
attack is particularly evident in Gladiolus flowers (like silver patches). 
One thrips species, Frankliniella occidentalis, is much feared as it is 
extremely efficient in spreading virus among nursery stock. A picture of the 
same Gladiolus in full sun would be useful.
All the best

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