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Theladygardens@aol.com Theladygardens@aol.com
Sun, 04 May 2003 10:50:06 PDT
Finally I have something blooming a little out of the ordinary, for me 
anyway.  I have a Roscoea caultleoiaes 'Jeffry Thomas' in bloom.  It is the 
first time I have ever seen this flower so I am thrilled.  If I recall I 
expected a blue flower but this is pale yellow, will have to check my labels 
when I get time to see if there was a legitimate reason I expected blue.
I also have a Tritonia crocata blooming.  Another plant I have not seen 
before, a So African bulb I believe.  I was at the Strybing members sale in 
line to check out and noticed it (not blooming) in the cart next to mine.  
The lady with such cart asked me a question about one of my plants so I asked 
her what this one was.  She read the label to me and I said "Oh, where did 
you find that, I missed those."  A few minutes later she tapped me on the 
shoulder and asked if I would like to purchase it as I seemed much more 
excited about it than she was and she didn't need so many plants.
It has opened up and is very pretty, bright orange.
Now that I am home I wish I had time to go back and purchase a few things I 
looked at and passed up.  I have found the perfect place for them - too late.
I enjoyed the event very much.  
Carolyn in Los Gatos

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