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David Fenwick
Sat, 31 May 2003 14:35:43 PDT
Dear All,
With reference to the American book I mentioned in my mail about Mystery

Garden Bulbs in Colour by McFarland, Hatton and Foley, 1948.

Does anyone know where I can find either information about or plants of the
following older varieties of Kniphofia ?

They may be US hybrids, or they may be early European, at the moment I don't

Kniphofia 'Golden Thoughts'
Kniphofia 'Sulphur Spire'
Kniphofia 'Orange Glow'
Kniphofia 'Salmon Beauty'
Kniphofia 'Tower of Gold'
Kniphofia 'Flaming Torch'
Kniphofia 'Autumn Tints'

I'm asking because I am presently collecting Kniphofia with a view to
applying for national collection status in a couple of years time.

There are many species in this genus but this genus has gone through a
similar horticultural development as Crocosmia, and has similar 'historical'
problems as I found with Crocosmia many years ago. My research with
Kniphofia will mainly concentrate on the horticultural development that has
taken place and with a view to finding, identifying and conserving older
hybrids, and preserving a collection of what is presently grown in commerce.
I have about 160 plants in the collection so far, but I feel that this
number could easily double with a little help.

With reference to National Collection status; applications have just been
submitted for bulb collections of the following genera.

Amaryllis (including A. belladonna, x Amarygria, x Amarine and x Amarcrinum)

Eucomis with Galtonia

Freesia (Anomatheca Group)

I'll let you all know if I'm successful in my applications..

Best Wishes and Many Thanks,
Dave (Plymouth, UK)


David Fenwick
NCCPG National Collection of Crocosmia with Chasmanthe and Tulbaghia
The African Garden
96 Wasdale Gardens

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