More Wiki pictures of plants in the wild

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 18 May 2003 22:26:38 PDT
Dear All,

I have added a few more pictures of bulbs I have seen while out walking in 
my area that my husband has photographed. For weeks we have seen Allium 
unifolium growing in the grassy areas:……

I know it is widely grown and considered weedy by at least one of our UK 
list members, but I thought it might be interesting to see it as it grows 
in the wild.

We have also seen some Calochortus lately in the wild. The late Calochortus 
in my garden are blooming now that it has stopped raining. Some of them 
were really not very happy with all our rains and I remembered Diana saying 
she was growing a lot of them in the greenhouse. Perhaps I need to shelter 
some of the species. I refer you to the Calochortus wiki page.…

One of the new ones added was Calochortus amabilis that we saw on an open 
hillside. Bob climbed up to get a better picture and it wasn't until I 
looked at it on the computer that I saw some interesting red markings. The 
ones I grow are pure yellow. Mine are blooming right now and I'll try to 
get a picture for comparison.

The wildflowers on two points next to the ocean have been fabulous this 
year. I was tempted to load a few pictures to the wiki just so you could 
appreciate how glorious it was. Last week we found Calochortus tolmiei 
blooming on the rocks overlooking the ocean. This is often a VERY windy 
area so things are low. There is a lot of variation in this species. Mark 
Mazer has a beautiful picture on the Wiki. We went back today to see if the 
Allium dichlamydeum growing in the same spot was open yet. Most of the 
Calochortus were gone and hard to find. There are thousands of Allium buds, 
but only a few opening. I saw some Allium buds coming up in the middle of 
Armeria maritima. I almost missed them since the Armeria flowers are pink. 
Companion plantings suggestion?

Mary Sue

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