Iris sari
Sat, 10 May 2003 19:48:17 PDT
On the PBS wiki, the genus Iris should probably be broken down into groups, 
such as Juno Iris, western American Iris, Oncocyclus Iris, etc.  Until then, 
I present this Iris here, a fabulous miniature Oncocyclus Iris from central 
Asia. This species has very small, firm foliage and immense (by comparison) 
flowers of indescribable color and intricate markings, on a 3"-4" (7.5 - 10 
cm) stem.  The scented flowers are tan and purplish, heavily patterned with 
dark purple.  I have it growing in a raised sand bed... it's an AWESOME 
plant.  Considerable thanks to the person that shared this with me.

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