Roy M. Sachs rmsachs@ucdavis.edu
Thu, 29 May 2003 09:18:48 PDT
I have tried growing 10 to 20  Dichelostemma ida maia (from Telos), 
in Davis (hot summer (over 40 C from noon to 7 PM), cool winter, 
inland location, 30% shade) and along the Russian River in full sun 
(much cooler summer, mid-afternoon high of 26 to 30 C with 
significantly cooler morning and late afternoon temps).

In both locations the first year blooms were beautiful, but the 
return growth and bloom was reduced or absent, and then nothing.

Although I'd like to blame the loss on poor climatic conditions, my 
guess is that culture had more to do with.

Weed control is my bete noire and it's more than likely that, since 
they were in the ground, they couldn't compete with fast growing 
winter weeds that are so common at both locations; I think they were 
lost while we were pulling weeds.


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