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Does anyone have any pink or lilac forms of Muscari?
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>Hello Jane,
>certainly there are many synonyms of Muscari armeniacum. I have several
>forms of M. armeniacum in my collection, collected (not by me ) in Turkey,
>Greece and other countries. They are all different. I don't always agree
>with the botanists that simply put many forms under one species name. Some
>of these forms are truly nice and interesting! Don't dislike your M. conicum
>because it is 'merely' a synonym, judge it on its beauty. If you have any
>seeds left over this year I would love to try it.
>Martin Philippo, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands
>e-mail: martin philippo
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>Mary Sue asked,
>  >Just now blooming from Jane's surplus bulbs is Muscari pallens. It didn't
>even come up until April and I was sure it was >a goner. It is a sweet
>little thing. How long do I need to keep it growing and does it need summer
>I don't know whether it needs summer water, but it certainly tolerates it,
>because all of mine are in places where they get a small amount of
>irrigation in summer.
>By the way, a couple of years ago I got seed from the Scottish Rock Garden
>Club under the name Muscari conicum. I was quite pleased at how attractive
>it was in flower this year and looked it up.'s an invalid synonym
>of M. armeniacum. As they say, if dandelions were hard to grow, people
>would think they were gorgeous.
>Jane McGary
>Northwestern Oregon, USA
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