Allium dichlamydeum on the Wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 25 May 2003 17:08:13 PDT
Dear All,

For the third time in three weeks my husband and I sought out Allium 
dichlamydeum in the wild. Most of it still isn't blooming although it is 
blooming nicely in my garden. I'm not sure we'll have a chance to go again 
so here are some pictures as is. The first one shows you the habitat with 
the flowers in bud. Today was foggy and the sound of the surf loud so try 
to feel the cool moist temperature and hear the sounds in the background. 
The second is a wild shot of some that were in bloom. And the last some 
that have been blooming this week in my raised bed octagon. Photos courtesy 
of my husband.………

I love this bright purplish pink Allium which is not weedy as it expands 
slowly. Some of the seed may be getting away from me as to my delight I am 
finding more of it slowly appearing in my garden.

Mary Sue

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